What is Email Marketing: Learn the basics

What is Email Marketing and Why You Should Do It

Email advertising is the business practice of sending an email to individuals on a listing in the hopes of selling them a service or product. The primary intent is to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness.

Regrettably, email advertising appears to have a bad reputation. Many businesses feel that if people watch an email that isn’t from somebody they know they will immediately think about it junk and then delete it. While this might be true sometimes, you can make email marketing work for your company.


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In fact, there are a great deal of reasons why you ought to be using email marketing — engaging your present customers and gaining new ones, in addition to other observable advantages. By avoiding these marketing mistakes, you may put yourself ahead of your competition.

It’s Cost Effective

When considering email advertising versus direct advertising, email marketing has excellent benefits as much as being cost effective. A direct marketing campaign may run you thousands of bucks for one printed newsletter, whereas email marketing prices nowhere near that much. Plus, email marketing is targeted — which means that you can contact just the clients you know are interested in what you need to say, and build brand loyalty by providing valuable, relevant data in every e-mail you send out.

If you’re seeking to control your promotion budget and get more bang for your buck, then email marketing is the way to go. Additionally, email newsletters are typically fast and simple to set up and no postage charges will apply.

Start building your list by including a newsletter signup box on your website.

You Can Track Data

With email marketing, you are able to monitor all sorts of information which could help you not only run your business more effectively but see the way your email marketing campaigns do. For example, you can see at a glance how many people open your email; how many individuals click on hyperlinks you are putting in that email, as well as the number of conversions (i.e., revenue) which are a result of your email advertising campaign.

You’ll also be able to track which clients have forwarded your emails, unsubscribed to them or marked them as spam, so it’s possible to observe how your emails have been obtained and whether you have to alter them so as to prevent the dreaded spam filter. This information can allow you to figure out which kinds of content work best for your customers.

You Can Automate your Campaigns

Unlike direct marketing, email advertising could be automated, which makes it much easier for your organization to schedule emails weeks or months beforehand.

This can be an incredibly useful feature, particularly if you offer seasonal sales or promotions or other events that are already planned for the year. With email marketing, you may set up your email newsletter beforehand and schedule them to be sent out on a particular date to allow your clients know about your sale or marketing.

It’s Immediate

Fundamental of Email Marketing

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Whereas other marketing tactics ask that you await results, email advertising is instantaneous. Your mails are sent instantly to the contributor, and you don’t have to wait days or weeks to get a direct marketing effort to achieve them wait for your prospective client to find your site through banner advertisements or blog posts.

Plus, if you have some time to include relevant, well-written content in your email newsletter, you are helping develop a relationship with your subscribers, thus increasing the chances they will become clients or that your current customers will stay loyal to your organization.

It Could Boost Sales

One of the most crucial reasons your company should be using email advertising is because it can boost sales. Now, you don’t want every email you send out to be a spammy revenue letter — however, you may use email marketing to your benefit without sounding like a generic sales pitch.

For example, you can email readers whenever you have special promotions or discounts going on. You may even send customers special coupon codes to entice them to attempt your company’s services or products, or offer loyal customers a special present just for them. However you do it, email advertising can effectively boost your earnings in a measurable and time-tested way.

Despite its undeserved status as spam, email marketing is an extremely effective method to not only engage current customers but help gain new ones too. Any company who would like a cheap, proven technique to help build customer relationships and boost revenue should be using email advertising on a regular basis — it’s that easy.


I hope you liked our basic guide on email marketing and if you did do share it with other bloggers and friends.



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